Withings x Penn Jillette


Starring Penn Jillette
Featuring Julie Ann Dulude, Sarah Frigo, Susan Hwang, David Kolodny, Anthony Lacza, Chris Manley, Jeff Seal, Jessica Shahinian, Ella Steinbeck and Christopher Wren.

A Good Look / Fiat Lux Co-Production
Written by Susie Felber
Directed and co-produced by Antoine Manceaux
Producer / VFX Artist : Garrett Johnston
Line Producer / 1st Assistant Director : Ryan Decker
Project Manager for Withings : Arielle Carpenter

Director of Photography : Matthew Santo
Steadicam Operator : David Ellis
1st AC / Focus Puller : Eli Marias
Production Designer : Jen Dunlap
Art Director : Shawn Annabel
Leadman : Flannery McKenna
Stylist : Elizabeth Shein
DIT : Charlie Porter
Editor : Hadrien Nicoloso
Colorist : Giovanni Paolo Autran
Sound Mixer : Dan Rosato

Shot at Windmill Studios in Brooklyn, NY
Thanks to Glenn Alai, Adam Spielberg, Josh Hetzler, Stephanie Farber & Julien de Preaumont.