Facebook Stories – “The Knowledge”


After spending 15 years in jail, Patric McGuinness is now a leader in his community who volunteers with at risk kids and always advocates for the power of a second chance.

Given his own second chance, Patric has decided to study for The Knowledge, an intense series of written and oral exams taken to be certified as a London cab driver. The test requires cabbies-in-training to memorize thousands of the city’s streets, and can take some hopefuls years to complete.

To practice for the exam, the “Knowledge Boys” and “Knowledge Girls” have created a Facebook Group to serve as a forum and support system where they provide tips and encouragement to one another as they study.

Director : Antoine Manceaux
Producer : Kwesi Collisson
DP : Christian Huguenot
London Producer : Elliott Tagg
Production Manager : Ollie Williams
Production Assistant : Jonas Zimmermann
Camera Assistant : Jack Mealing
Sound Recordist : Merlin Bonning
Grip : Felix Foster
B-Unit Videographer : Samuel de Ceccaty

Editors : Bruce Ashley; Antoine Manceaux
Colorist : Guy Chachkes
Composer: Ryan Sciaino
Sound Mixer : Lee Salevan
Photo Animation / Title Card: Houses in Motion

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Agency: Rain
Executive Producer: Brian Edelman
Executive Creative Director: Will Hall
Agency Producer: Rebecca Wenner
Agency Producer: Timothy Whitney